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This Unidentified Reprogramed B1 Battle Droid was one of three B1 Battle Droids that worked for the Confederacy of Independent Systems before being captured and reprogrammed by the Galactic Republic to serve it. He would later be assigned to R2-D2's Battle Droid Squadron and then to the Republic Task Force to the Citadel. He did not believe that the mission would work, and that everyone would be killed by the Separatists, but was proved wrong when the task force managed to escape the prison with the Republic prisoners and went on to escape in their shuttle. However, this was all a trap set up by Tactical Droid, K2-B4, and this droid would be damaged by an Confederate-controlled turret, and the shuttle would be destroyed. This droid would later be repaired by CC-2224 (Cody) and OOM-8, but totally destroyed when the group was overrun by droid forces and was gunned down by an BX-Commando Droid.

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