This unidentified Junk Droid was originally an BX-series droid commando that was captured by the Death Watch and was used as target practice by the Mandalorians.

Droid Appearance Edit

This Junk Droid had the head of a Commando Droid captain, the body of a Magnaguard, the legs of an ASP droid and the arms of a Protocol Droid.

Droid History Edit

After being captured by the Death Watch, this droid was destroyed and rebuilt dozens of times, due to it being used for target practice alongside all the other Junk Droids the Death Watch had. After being visited by the R2 astromech droid, R2-D2, this droid, alongside the rest of the Junk Droids, attacked their Mandalorian masters to try and save R2's friend, Ahsoka Tano. During this attack, this droid would be killed.

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