B1 Training Droid
"Roger roger!"
—A B1 Battle Droid's ordinary response

Training B1 Battle Droid models were exact replicas of the main fighting forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. Instead of their normal E-5 Blaster Rifle and beige markings, they were equiped with E-5 Blaster Rifles set on low power. They were painted white, sporting orange target markings on their bodies to show clones where the weak spots of the droid were located.

History Edit

Training B1 Battle Droids were used by the Kaminoan cloners to show their cadets in-training weak spots in an ordinary B1's weak spots, as well as using them in situations for training missions. Several of them were used in the final test of both Domino Squad and Bravo Squad, as well as a few Training BX-Series Battle Droid Commandos. These droids were first seen in "Clone Cadets".

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