Reanimator was an IG-100 Magnaguard, who survived the Clone Wars and became a Junk Droid, fighting in the Pitor Processing Plantworks on the planet Biitu before he was destroyed.

Droid Design Edit

Reanimator was originally a standard IG-100 MagnaGuard who rebuilt himself as a Junk Droid several years before the start of the Clone Wars using other battle droid parts like the head of a B1-Battle Droid, that he used for a helmet, and the legs of a BX-Commando Droid. He was also equipped with two electrostaffs that he used to fight his enemies.

Droid History Edit

Not much is known about the Reanimator before his life on Bittu, but it is possible that, like the many other Magnaguards, Reanimator worked with General Grievous during the Clone Wars before he was left for dead on the planet Biitu and forced to repair himself using parts of other battle droid units. He would eventually be destroyed by Republic Clone Troopers Rex anc Coric when they were sent on a scouting mission during the war.