The Phase 0 darktrooper was the first variant of darktrooper to be put into production by the Galactic Empire. Unlike the later models of darktrooper that would be put into service after them, the Phase 0 darktroopers were not entirely droids, but rather Clone Troopers that had been surgically modified with experimental stormtrooper armor and part of old battle droids. With these "upgrades" the Phase 0 darktroopers were able to perform extreme operations and performed much better than their fellow stormtroopers in the Imperial Army. However, despite this, several of the converted clones found it difficult to adapt to their new droid-like body, causing several units of Phase 0 darktrooper to commit suicide, either killing themselves in battle or forcing their droid body to self-destruct. It was because of these many defects that the Empire began producing new units of Darktrooper as pure battle droids.

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