2-1B Medical Droid2242341
9886A-DSD Advanced Dwarf Spider DroidASP-7
Alliance to Restore the RepublicArmored Assault Tank DroidAssassin Droids
Astromech DroidAut-0B-U4D
B1-A Air Battle DroidB1-CC14B1-Droid Marine
B1 Advanced Battle DroidB1 Assassin DroidB1 Assault Battle Droid
B1 Firefighter DroidB1 Grapple DroidB1 battle droid
B2-RP Super Battle DroidB2S-327B2 Grapple Droid
B2 Training Battle DroidB2 super battle droidB3-T4
BB unitBFX Droid MarineBNI-393
BR-3RBT-16 perimeter droidBT-1 Assassin Droid
BU-11BX-series droid commandoBX-series droid commando (Citadel Guard)
BX-series training droid commandoBX series droid commando captainBX series senate droid commando
Baktoid Combat AutomataBattle Droid CommanderBattle Droid Enginer
Battle Droid Resistance (Geonosis)Battle droidBlack Sun Commando Droid
Black Sun Commando Droid 1Black Sun Commando Droid 2Buzz Droid
C-3POCB-3 Cortosis Battle DroidCLI-ON 87
Chop'aa Notimo's War DroidConfederacy of Independent SystemsCoppertop
Crab DroidD-0TD-Squad
DSD1 Dwarf Spider DroidDestroyer DroidDestroyer Droid Mark II
Driver Battle droidDroidDroid Quote of the Week History
Droidapedia WikiaDroideka SentinelE-4 Baron Droid
EGL-21FA-4FX Medical Droid
G2 Repair DroidGA-97GNK power droid
Galactic EmpireGall Trayvis' RQ Security DroidsGizor Dellso
Gizor Dellso's Droid ArmyHELIOS-3DHK-47
HK-51 series assassin droidIG-1000IG-100 Magnaguard
IG-11IG-2000IG-227 Hailfire Droid
IG-72IG-86 sentinel droidIG-88
IG-88's Droid ArmyIG-88 assassin droidIG-90
IG-Hailfire DroidIG-series assassin droidIG-series lancer droid
Imperial DarktrooperIndustrial AutomationJaybo Hood's Battle Droids
Jedi Training DroidJunk DroidJunk Droids of Carlac
K2-B4KRONOS-327KX-series security droid
KalaniKalani's Battle Droid ArmyL3-37
LEP servant droidLOM-series protocol droidME-8D9
MSE-4 droidMSE-6 repair droidsMandalorian Basilisk War Droid
Mark IV Recon DroidNK-3NR-N99 Tank Droid
Necrosis DroidO.M.5.OG-9 Homing Spider Droid
OOM-14's droid squadronOOM-87OOM-9
OOM-Battle DroidOOM-Battle Droid/CanonOOM Battle Droid Pilot
OOM Security Battle DroidOWO-1P-59
P-60P-series DroidekaPhase 0 darktrooper
Phase III DarktrooperPhase II DarktrooperPhase I Darktrooper
Pit DroidProtocol DroidPurge Droid
R-3P0R1-G4R1 Astromech Droid
R2-D2's Battle Droid SquadronR2-KTR2-Q5
R2-X2R2-Y9R2 Astromech Droid
R3-M3R3-S6R3 Astromech Droid
R4 Astromech DroidR5-J2R5-P8
R5-S9R5-U8R5 Astromech Droid
R6 Astromech DroidRA-7 Protocol DroidRB-551
RD-4 Grenade LauncherRIC-1200RQ Protocol Droid
ReanimatorRebel Battle DroidsReprogramed Battle Droids
SD-10 Battle DroidSE-14 Blaster PistolSSA-306
SSA-719Shuttle 81572Sith Training Droid
Storm droidsSun FacSuper Tactical Droid
T-series Tactical DroidTC-70TF-1726
Trade FederationTraining B1 Battle DroidTraining Droid
U-3POUnidentified B1 battle droid (Endor)Unidentified Dwarf Spider Droid (Teth)
Unidentified Junk Droid (Commando droid)Unidentified Junk Droid (Magnaguard)Unidentified Junk Droid (Protocol Droid)
Unidentified LEP servant droidUnidentified LEP servant droid (Trueping's)Unidentified LEP servant droid 1
Unidentified LEP servant droid 2Unidentified LEP servant droid 3Unidentified LEP servant droid 4
Unidentified LEP servant droid 5Unidentified LEP servant droid 6Unidentified OOM Battle Droid Commander (Teth)
Unidentified Reprogramed B1 Battle Droid 1 (Galactic Republic)Unidentified Reprogramed B1 Battle Droid 2 (Galactic Republic)Unit 06
Unit 07Unit 08Unit 1138
Unit 26Variable Geometry Self-Propelled Battle Droid, Mark IViper-class Probe Droid
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