Kalani was an Super Tactical Droid used by the CIS during the Battle of Onderon, and later leader of his own Separatist Holdout.

Droid Design Edit

Kalani, like most Super Tactical Droids, was programmed to be incredibly intelligent and to be far superior to the standard T-series Tactical Droid. Kalani stood at 1.94 meters tall and was an experienced droid General.

Droid History Edit

Kalani was placed under the command of King Rash, a Confederate aide, to stop a small rebellion that was being backed by the Galactic Republic. Kalani did his best to try and stop the rebels from gaining power, but they had gained the favor of the people of Onderon, who hated the Confederate B1-Battle Droids that had been patrolling the city. As a result, the CIS was forced to leave Onderon and place the original king, Dundup, back into power. In order to do this, however, Kalani had to assassinate King Rash. He would later form his own Separatist Holdout to fight the Galactic Empire on the planet Agamar.

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