"Die, Meatbags!"
-HK-47, to a non-droid
HK-47 was an HK-series assassin droid owned by the Jedi Knight Reven during the mandalorians wars before joining the Sith Empire with his master after Reven turned to the Dark Side of the Force.

Droid History Edit

When Reven was later captured by the Old Republic, HK-47's mind was wiped by the Empire and would be used to destroy a factory creating new HK-50 droids for the Republic. Years later, HK would be bought by a brainwashed Reven on Tatooine and would once again fight for the Jedi Order with his old master and battle Sith forces in battle. After the Emperor of the Sith was defeated, HK-47 would begin a search for his master when he left into the Unknown Regions to find the Emperor's spirit. HK-47 would be left searching for his master for years before returning to his "master" (The Dark Side spirit of Reven) and aiding him in leading the Revenights into battle against both the Sith Empire and Old Republic on Yavin IV in a attempt to kill the Emperor once and for all. When Reven failed, however, HK-47 was left in deep space before crash landing on Mustafar. Years later, HK-47 would be found by the Confederacy of Independent Systems and would be used to create the new HK-77 assassin battle droids after the Separatists who found his saw him destroy two B2 Super Battle Droids and a sheilded Destroyer Droid with his bare hands. HK-47 would be deactivated by the Separatists, out of fear, and would never reactivate him, due to Darth Vader killing all the Separatist forces on Mustafar at the end of the Clone Wars. Years later, during the Galactic Civil War, HK was found by a group of rebel spacers who reactivated him. HK managed to trick the rebels to help him take control of the old Separatist Droid factory, used by Gizor Dellso a few years earlier. Once he had control over the remaining battle droids and HK-77 droids, 47 betrayed the Rebellion and attacked the spacers who helped him gain power. The rebels got revenge, however, when they destroyed the Separatist factory and seemingly killed HK-47. Although one of the spacers doesn't think he was killed that easily.

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