GA-97 was an servent droid who secretly worked as a spy for the Resistance on the planet Takondana. It was present in thecastle of the pirate Maz Kanata on the planet Takodana when the smuggler Han Solo entered with the scavenger Rey, the former stormtrooper Finn and the astromech droid BB-8. Recognizing BB-8 as the missing droid of Resistance pilot Poe Dameron, GA-97 contacted the Resistance via their intelligence network to inform them of the astromech's location. Based on the droid's report, Resistance forces were mobilized to travel to Takodana, but before they arrived the patron's of the castle were drawn outside by the destruction of the Hosnian system by the First Order's Starkiller Base superweapon. The castle was then destroyed in an attack by the First Order, who were soon confronted by the Resistance forces and driven off Takodana.

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