E-4 droid

A step up from the standard B1 battle droid, E4 baron droids were battle droids used by the Trade Federation. Baktoid Combat Automata developed the experimental baron droid as an all-purpose security unit.

Droid Design Edit

The E4 Baron Droid were hulking droids, capable of impressive feats of strength. Their plating was made of a heavy metal known as Arcetron. It could track an opponent with motion, heat, energy, and sonic detectors. Visual stimuli were processed through the droid's single photoreceptor, which could also produce a blinding spotlight to identify and track its targets. They were equipped with two dual repeating blaster cannons mounted on their arms. They could also function for extended periods without a direct connection to a Central Control Computer.

Droid History Edit

Baron droid

A Baron Droid in action

The E-4 Droids were first used by the Trade Federation in the years before the Clone Wars by Nute Gunray and other Federation officers for security reasons. In 32 BBY, Gunray used Baron Droids during his Invasion of Naboo, and had them patrol the streets of Theed. However, the droids were deactivated when a young Anakin Skywalker destroyed the Trade Federation's Droid control ship. With the destruction of the Federation Droid Army, the E-4 Baron Droids were used by the Geonosians as security units, and would later be used by Geonosian Poggle the Lesser to created the B2 Super Battle Droid for the Confederacy of Independent Systems in 22 BBY. During the Clone Wars, a squadron of Baron Droids were found and hunted down by the Naboo Security Force. For the rest of the War, Baron Droids were rarely used by the Separatists, who instead used their upgraded battle droid models like the B3 Ultra Droid and various B1 droid units like the Droid Marine. Years after the end of the Clone Wars, in 16 BBY, a group of rogue Baron Droids took over the planet Arzid were they enforced the Law of the Blaster. Some E-4 Baron Droids managed to survive all the way to the New Republic era, were they worked with various factions, like the New Republic and Imperial Remnant.

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