The Destroyer Droid Mark II was an advanced and updated Battle Droid used by the Hutt Empire and other criminal groups. It's design was based off of the original Destroyer Droid created by the Trade Federation. Although it was slow moving and could not roll into a ball like the original destroyer, it was very powerful and when deployed into battle, it was a droid turret with a powerful ray shield. Some Mark II Droids were sold to smugglers who were allied with the Rebel Alliance, adding the Mark II to the Rebel Battle Droid branch. However, although effective against the Galactic Empire, the rebels did not use them much as they were highly expensive and hard to repair when damaged. Mark II Destroyer Droids were still around by the Battle of Endor, and some were even used by the New Republic.

Droid Design Edit

Like its predecessor, the Mark II was vulnerable when it was moving; however, when deployed, it was essentially a turret. This version of the droideka was different from previous types not only in appearance but also in capabilities, as they were capable of switching between blaster cannons and ion cannons, which allowed them to combat infantry or vehicles. Like the original droideka, they utilized a shield to protect themselves from harm when they were deployed.

Droid History Edit


The Mark II Destroyer Droid in battle

The Droideka Mark II was developed by Baktoid Combat Automata in their foundries on the planet Hypori during the Clone Wars, but the droids were developed too late to play a significant role in the conflict. However, the Zann Consortium later discovered some of the droids during the Galactic Civil War, in a factory on Hypori that Jabba the Hutt had taken interest in. Tyber Zann, the leader of the Consortium, built up an invasion force after Urai Fen had gone ahead to scout and personally landed near the factory. Zann and Fen didn't travel far before droideka Mark IIs were found and started firing upon them. Urai managed to make it to the console and switch the droid production machines to manual, shutting off the droids. After this, some droids were used by the Rebel Alliance and New Republic.

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