Coppertop was an OOM-Battle Droid who was a part of the Confederacy of Independent Systems for a short time during the Battle of Booga.

History Edit

Separatist drone Edit

He led a squad of Battle Droids into battle before becoming an experiment for Darth Sidious and his apprentice, Count Dooku, when they had him execute Order 99. After hearing those words, the droid shut down then reactivated himself, only to discover that his primary programming had been erased, and he had been given the gift of free will, as Order 99 did. Not remembering much about his past, other than he was a killing machine, the droid took the name Coppertop, then customized and repainted his armor before deciding to become a medical droid.

Defecting to the Republic Edit

He later found a wounded Clone Trooper named Gunner, who he aided with medical procedures and bandaged his wounds. He was then found by Clone Commander CC-2224, aka Cody, and Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi, who he informed them about Order 99 and why he was with Gunner. Obi-Wan, though skeptical, believed Coppertop, and had him pledge alliance to the Galactic Republic before they were attacked by Asaji Ventress and the Confederate bounty hunter Cyreltov, who was sent by Count Dooku to capture Coppertop and reactivate his past programmings and rejoin the Confederates.

Sacrifice Edit

After a short battle, Coppertop allowed himself to be captured to save the lives of the Republic troopers, but along the way back to the Confederate base, Coppertop, not wanting to be used to kill more Republic life, took a nearby deactivator and shocked himself until he deactivated. Unable to reactivate him, the two Confederates left him in the sand.

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