"Systems malfunction...Destroy!"-A battle droid member of the resistance.

This Battle Droid resistance was an group of geonosis camoed B1-Battle Droids that denied the deactivation order from the Empire and set up an outpost on the planet of Geonosis. On the planet, the droids were able to secure an LAAT/i Gunship from the Clone Wars along with an old Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter. In the year of 1 BBY, Forces from the Imperial Storm Commandos and Rebel Alliance battled one another in Geonosis' asteroid belt and the crew of one of the Imperial Dropships escaped to the planet's surface and discovered the battle droids, who attacked them.


Wedge Antilies encounters the resistance after crash-landing on Geonosis

The Imperials were quickly found by the rebel pilot, Wedge Antilies and his R5 Astromech Droid when his T-65 X-Wing Starfighter crashed onto the planet. Wedge was also attacked by the droids, due to them having little knowledge of Imperial units and members of the Rebel Alliance. After a short battle, Wedge defeated a squadron of battle droids along with all the surviving Stormtroopers then was ambushed by Imperial Captain Sarkli, who had stolen the battle droid's LAAT/i GUnship and used it to destroy a group of battle droids nearby. Wedge was able to destroy the gunship using an E-Web Blaster and had his astromech droid reactivate the resistance's Jedi Starfighter and used it to return to the rebel fleet above the planet.