The B2 super battle droid was an upgraded version of the B1 battle droid that was designed by Poggle the Lesser for the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Droid Design Edit

The design of the B2 droid was based on the original B1 battle droid and, but had several noticiable improvments, including blaster resistant armor, heavier weaponry, and a more sofisticated programming system.

Droid History Edit

Super Battle Droids were first used during the First Battle of Geonosis and killed many Jedi, how had not seen the droids before and had no idea what they were capable of. There were many different types of Super droids made including the B2 Rocket Droid and the B2-RP. After the clone wars, most super battle droids were reprogrammed by the Death Watch to protect their bunker on the forest moon of Endor.

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