Astromech Droids were units of droid manufactured by Industrial Automation.

Droid Design Edit

Many astromech droids were about 0.93 meters tall in average, while R-series droids from the R2 line forward had a height of just over a meter. Sometime after the Battle of Endor a new class of astromech droid known as the BB unit was created, which had a head similar to that of the original R-series Astromech droid, but had a spherical body.

Droid History Edit

The Astromech Droid has been seen in the Star Wars galaxy for several years,but it is unknown when they first came into action. The Astromech droids were created by the Industrial Automation, like many working class droids, and were bought throughout the galaxy with several upgrades like with the R2 units and the R5 units. One of the most famous Astromech droids in the galaxy is R2-D2, who fought with the Republic during the Clone Wars, with the Rebel Alliance and New Republic during the Civil War, and with the Resistancance and Luke's Jedi Order during the First Order-Resistance Conflict.

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