"Careful Delta Squad, that's an Advanced Dwarf Spider Droid, extremely powerful!"- CC-01/425
The Advanced Dwarf Spider Droid was an upgraded model of Dwarf Spider Droid created for the Advanced Droid Division of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. It was placed on many planets, including Geonosis and Karshyyyk, following members of the Advanced Droid Division into battle in secret Separatist outposts and factories. The Republic Commando unit, Delta Squad, encountered and defeated several of these droids during the Clone Wars. It was considered one of the most powerful anti-infantry droid units in the Confederate Droid Army, next to the MagnaGuard and Jedi Hunter Droids, and was heavily armored and shielded.

On the offense, it was equipped with an array of weaponry capable of projecting withering firepower in a broad arc to its front. This included vertically-launched missiles that are fired after acquiring targets with an area sweep of its fire-control sensor. Once targets are acquired, the missiles can independently track multiple targets and strike them with precision. The heavy blaster cannon on its top-mounted turret is capable of projecting sustained heavy blaster fire, more than sufficient for anti-personnel purposes, while also able to eliminate light vehicles.

Defensively, most man-portable small-arms (even anti-armor weapons) could only penetrate the armored unit via its least heavily protected vector: the red optical sensor cluster on its abdomen. Sufficient amounts of precision firepower delivered to that location would shut down or destroy the droid. Even so, the droid was equipped with armored physical shield-plates on its front legs, that it could position defensively to block its eye cluster from small-arms fire, requiring either even more heavy firepower to destroy the shields first, or careful timing to take advantage of openings in its posture.

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